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MicroLoan Foundation Malawi is where MicroLoan Foundation started its operations back in 2002. We now have 22 branches and eight satellites operating across the country. Four of these branches were opened in the first quarter of 2022, and three opened during 2021, demonstrating impressive growth.

Malawi currently ranks 174 in the Human Development Index reflecting the depth of poverty that MicroLoan Malawi’s clients face. Operations in Malawi focus on serving rural women in under-reached communities. MicroLoan Malawi provides loans and ongoing business and financial literacy training to clients across its branches. With a large proportion of clients engaging in farming, MicroLoan Malawi also offers a agricultural and irrigation loans.

As part of the five-year strategic plan, MicroLoan Malawi aims to scale up its geographical reach and enhance its services through product diversification and digitalisation.

Number of active clients


Number of branches
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Data as of 30 June 2022. For latest data please see quarterly operations reports.

Mobile Money

Over 4,100 clients have taken part in training on using mobile money and 12% of repayments were made via the platform in December. Five operational areas – Salima, Lilongwe, Zimba, Kasungu and Mzuzu – have been part of the pilot to date and the testing will be rolled out to Blantyre, Mwanza and Chikwawa in early 2022. Following the success of this pilot, MLF Malawi will integrate the system into the Musoni core banking platform which will reduce the overall administrative burden of manual disbursements and repayments. The aim is to test and roll out mobile money across all branches by the end of 2022.

Leadership Team

Joseph Kaipa - Acting CEO

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Joseph Kaipa

Acting CEO

Majora Somba - CFO

Majora Somba


Saulos Mhlanga - Head of Shared Services

Saulos Mhlanga

Head of Shared Services

Advisors to the Leadership Team

Randall Williams - Technical Advisor

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Randall Williams

Technical Advisor

Board of Directors

Charles Mandala - Chairperson

Charles Mandala


Medha Wilson - Director and Group CEO

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Medha Wilson

Director and Group CEO

Nick Hall - Director

Nick Hall


Robert Phiri - Director

Robert Phiri


Mateo Zanetic - Director

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Mateo Zanetic


Quarterly Operational Reports

Branch Locator

Success stories

The past couple of years have been difficult for Ethel. She lost her husband a few years ago and is now a single mother providing for her family.

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Latest Updates

On arriving back from Malawi, we wish the team had a more positive story to tell. In fact, we are worried. Malin Rosenkvist, Director of Fundraising here at MicroLoan, saw first-hand the devastating impact of the tropical cyclones of February… Read more

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If you are seeking a loan, please contact our teams in Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe.

    We do not currently operate outside of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe so you are not eligible for a loan at this time. If you would like to speak to a member of our team: contact@mlf.org.uk

    Our Partners

    Joseph Kaipa

    Acting CEO

    Joseph Kaipa joined Microloan Foundation in 2008 as a loan officer. He went to assume various roles in the organization such as Branch Manager in 2009, Senior Social Performance Management Officer in 2012 and Senior Regional Manager in 2015. In 2017, he was appointed to the role of Chief Operations Officer.

    Joseph has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of MLF’s operations across Malawi and more recently in overseeing the company's thrust towards operational sustainability. Joseph holds a BBA in Strategic Management from Columbia Commonwealth University and a Diploma in Community Development from ABMA. In 2019 he completed an executive development course at the University of Cape Town and in 2018 he also completed a course in Rural and Agriculture finance program with Boulder Institute of Microfinance.

    Joseph is the Acting CEO of MicroLoan Foundation Malawi as of May 2022.

    Randall Williams

    Technical Advisor

    Randall Williams was the Chief Executive Officer for MicroLoan Foundation Malawi from 2020-2022. In this role he was responsible for leading the implementation processes of the organisation’s strategies aimed at achieving MicroLoan Foundation’s goals.

    Originally from Jamaica, Randall has lived and worked across different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing with him a wide range of skills in banking, fintech and microfinance. He’s no stranger to Malawi having lived and worked there in 2016 during his time with Zoona Group.

    Randall obtained his bachelor’s degree in Management Studies and Economics from the University of the West Indies (Jamaica), and holds a Masters in Finance from the University of London (UK). He also recently completed an Executive Certificate in Financial Inclusion from Harvard University (USA).

    Randall is now Technical Advisor, supporting the management of MicroLoan Foundation Malawi.

    Medha Wilson

    Director and Group CEO

    Medha Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer at MicroLoan Foundation. In her current role she oversees the activities of MicroLoan’s operations in Africa and is responsible for developing the overall strategy of the Group. She serves on the board of the three MicroLoan subsidiaries in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

    Medha has extensive experience in financial inclusion in both senior operational and investment management roles in emerging and frontier markets, across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her expertise also includes establishing and scaling-up of greenfield operations, turnaround of struggling entities and governance. She also has considerable experience in engaging with a broad range of social and impact investors.

    Medha is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a degree in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from The London School of Economics.

    Mateo Zanetic


    Regional Director and Chief Executive Officer Zimbabwe, Board of Directors Zambia

    Mateo Zanetic is the Regional Director of MicroLoan Foundation. In his current role he is responsible for operations management, which includes providing hands-on support to MLF CEOs in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Mateo serves on all three MLF subsidiaries. His responsibilities include providing guidance and troubleshooting in areas related to expansion to new operational areas and products, development of annual budgets and setting of performance targets for operational staff. Mateo heads the Social Performance Management function and is responsible for developing the evolving SPM framework and the reporting of SPM findings to both internal and external stakeholders. Currently, Mateo also serves as a CEO of MLF Zimbabwe.

    Mateo has an extensive background in microfinance operations in Southern Africa, specifically in scale-up of activities, integrating social performance in operational decision-making and in people management.

    He holds a degree in Management Accounting and Corporate Finance from Wits University.