Chawezi’s Story

Beans, potatoes, and tomatoes.

How could Chawezi run a successful farm when she couldn’t afford to buy seeds and fertiliser? As a mother of three young children and caretaker of her mother-in-law, she had a lot of mouths to feed and not enough funds to make it happen.

Joining a MicroLoan group meant access to loans and essential business training. These tools, plus Chawezi’s hard work were enough to change the reality for her and her dependants.

This is only Chawezi’s first loan cycle and it’s just the beginning. She can already see a brighter future ahead for herself and her family with the higher yield the irrigation and inputs will produce.

Not only is she now running a profitable farm, but she and her husband are able to afford essential items for the family, including clothes, food, and soap.

She told us that MicroLoan’s provisions of irrigation loans are a great idea. This has meant that she has been able to cultivate without many of the problems of the past.

In the future, with MicroLoan’s support, she hopes to educate her children to a university level.

Beans, potatoes, and tomatoes have unlocked doors for Chawezi, her family, and her community.

Published on: 01/02/2023

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