Why do we work only with women?

Dear Treasured MicroLoan Supporter,
As you know, MicroLoan works only with women.

In Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, many women are held back from economic empowerment. They are less likely to go to school, and are often married young to relieve their parents’ financial burden. Cultural norms and legal structures, such as inheritance and land ownership rights, reinforce inequality.

Empowering women to generate their own income has positive repercussions for everyone in the community.

Research shows that women reinvest 90% of every dollar they earn back into their families’ education, health and nutrition. This means that by working with women, we improve access to food, healthcare and education for children and dependents too.

What’s more, women are more likely to repay their loans. There is a wealth of research to prove this. When loans are repaid to MicroLoan, they can be used again and again to support more female entrepreneurs to feed their families.

By supporting women, our reach is wider, and our impact is greater.

Published on: 11/08/2021

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