Transforming over 2 million lives

The small loans and business training that MicroLoan Foundation provides work as lifechanging tools for lifting hardworking women in sub-Saharan Africa out of poverty.

In 2022, the total value of loans disbursed was over £18 million. We were able to support over 160,000 women and here are the significant results:

Access to nutritious food is the most basic necessity of life. 84% of our clients reported increased food security, which means they are able to provide regular meals for their families.

In addition to that, 77% of our clients in Malawi were able to increase their meat consumption, which is an indicator of a nutritious diet. Alleviating hunger is a key piece of building a better future for everyone.

We are thrilled to share these numbers. They are proof of the progress we have made and the lives we have been able to impact.

MicroLoan Foundation will continue to work tirelessly to support women facing hardship so that they can in turn provide for their families and escape the cycle of poverty.

Published on: 23/02/2023

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