Prisca’s typical Monday as an LTO

Prisca Kamboni, Loan & Training Officer

Prisca is a Loan & Training Officer in MicroLoan’s Livingstone branch in Zambia, who trains and mentors over 100 aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Malin Rosenkvist and Maria Campanini asked their colleague Prisca to film a video with women in MicroLoan’s network as they meet at a training session.

In this video, the women are singing, dancing and learning about how to run a business. Due to high illiteracy rates, all of MicroLoan’s training is done through song, dance and role play.

Prisca will be chatting to Malin live at 4pm on Wednesday 17th November as part of the WLA Coachathon Live. She’s looking forward to discussing her highlights of her job as she builds strong relationships with the women she supports.

Published on: 17/11/2021

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