Prisca and the Recent Coachathlon Success

Dear Supporter

We couldn’t resist sharing with you the triumphs of our recent WLACoachathon held last November 17 2021.

Our main focus:

Executive – Leadership – Career – Life – Mindfulness – Resilience – Public Speaking.


What a day we had on Wednesday. An uplifting, life-changing, transformational day.

Let’s talk about impact. ????

Every dollar raised will support women in sub-Saharan Africa facing poverty to flourish as entrepreneurs. With a steady income, they can pay for food, lifesaving healthcare and education for their children.

This is a solution that tackles poverty and hunger whilst empowering women, most of them mothers, to realise their potential.

It has also been inspiring to see the direct impact on coaches, coachees and teams at corporates. All the while supporting over 4000 people facing poverty to build a better future. ????

HIS is the transformational power of coaching!

Catch up on the poignant moment we were joined by Prisca Kamboni, a Loan and Training Officer in Zambia as she speaks from the heart about her role in empowering women to provide for their families.

Once again THANK YOU to the phenomenal coaches that took this event to highs we never thought possible, to Sandra Pinnington and the @wlawomen

Bring on 2022!
Brian Keen,

Founder, MicroLoan Foundation Australia


Published on: 23/11/2021

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