MicroLoan Foundation Australia Spring 2020 Progress Report

Spring 2020 Progress Report

No part of the world is immune from the pandemic, but it is vulnerable women and girls who are being disproportionately impacted. At MicroLoan we are helping more and more women set up a business to generate an income and protect their families. Together we can make a change that echoes for generations.

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Your support

It’s been another amazing year, remitting $70,757 of your givings overseas, our second highest ever.

A BIG THANK YOU from Everyone at MicroLoan Foundation, from the delightful ladies who receive the loans you provide, to the on-ground teams in Africa, through to our little team here in Australia.

Empower Her is a powerful theme we hope inspires you to continue supporting us and encouraging others to join you. To learn more please call Brian on 0417 211 366 / 1300 960 136

Latest News from our branches

Throughout the region most of the food and other markets are imposing strict distancing rules which is stopping many of our clients being able to sell their product. This is hitting them very hard so we are focusing on support, mainly with food packs, and only providing a few loans to those businesses that continue to operate successfully and are able to expand.


Continues to function well in the circumstances. Their currency is comparatively stable, which is tremendous.

The great news is that in most areas they have had a harvest 25% above the last 5 years average. If our clients can afford to store a sizeable amount of their crop then they will get much better prices in months to come. This is however very difficult when there’s little or no income


The Zimbabwe currency is in freefall and MicroLoan Foundation continues to operate under the most difficult circumstances, focusing on supporting existing clients and issuing no new loans. We have resumed comparatively normal operations recently, mainly to existing clients who are taking second loans to fund their expansion. The MicroLoan model working as it does best!


Continues to proceed well in the trying circumstances making steady progress where possible despite some challenges with local area lockdowns. Unfortunately, their currency is al

Sustainable Development Goals

I don’t know about you, but seeing these happy, healthy children who are all benefiting from the loans we have provided to their mothers helping them start or grow their own business is really heart-warming 🙂

Something To Watch

You may enjoy this short video from UK Dragon’s Den celebrity entrepreneur Deborah Meaden.

One last thing you mustn’t miss

As past residents and visitors we all love this Virtual Tour of Malawi, the ‘Warm Heart of Africa.’ Click here to enjoy Marcus Westberg’s delightful illustrated story (tip – ignore the NY Times ads).

Published on: 10/11/2020

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