Mercy’s clothes store

Mercy runs a business selling clothes and lives in Nsanje, Malawi. She struggled to make ends meet and could not afford to buy the basic necessities for her family, including food and healthcare. Her children sometimes had to miss school because she could not afford to pay their school fees.

Business training has enabled Mercy to make a huge step change in her business. Training on market research, the importance of savings and how to reinvest profits has been particularly useful. She also received a loan which she invested in fabric. She now has high demand for her garments and is operating a successful clothes business.

Her husband is a teacher, and the pair support their four children, two orphans as well as Mercy’s mother who lives nearby. Their income is now enough to cover basic necessities such as food, so the family never have to miss a meal. Mercy believes school is so important, and her children no longer have to miss days because she pays the fees on time.

With increased profits as a result of her successful clothing store, the family have been able to purchase goats, and build a corrugated iron roof on their home. The new iron roof is all the more important because Nsanje was a region particularly affected by heavy rains when Tropical Storm Ana swept through the region in February 2022. It is hugely encouraging to see MicroLoan’s clients making improvements to their home and purchasing livestock. This will greatly improve the family’s living conditions and quality of life.

Mercy dreams that her children will complete their education and attend university when they grow up. She works hard to make her business a success so that her children will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Published on: 09/05/2022

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