Lidia’s Story

Lidia’s journey from a baker to a thriving business owner is nothing short of inspiring. Raised in her father’s bakery, Lidia learned the art of baking from a young age. But it wasn’t until recently that her skills truly transformed her life.

Last year was tough for Lidia. Left to care for her four children and her mother-in-law after her husband left, Lidia struggled to make ends meet. While she baked buns to sell, her limited resources meant she could only produce a small quantity each day.

Everything changed when Lidia heard about the possibility of getting a loan to expand her business. With a loan of 500 kwacha (approximately A$29), Lidia seized the opportunity to invest in her bakery, and she soon saw a positive difference.

Lidia’s daily production skyrocketed from 60 buns to a maximum of 250 on a good day. This increase not only boosted her profits but also allowed her to afford essentials like mealie meal and soap. Most importantly, it provided Lidia with the means to support her family as the sole breadwinner.

Today, Lidia sells between 160-250 buns daily, priced at 1 kwacha (approximately A$0.05) each. With the profits, she not only sustains her business but also manages to save enough to repay her loan. Looking ahead, Lidia dreams of expanding her offerings to include drinks and further growing her bakery business.

Lidia’s story is a testament to the transformative power of microloans. With just a small investment, she was able to turn her passion into a thriving business, providing stability and hope for her family’s future. Her determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Published on: 25/04/2024

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