Irene’s Story

Meet Irene, a resilient single mother providing for her family through her broiler chicken business. With dedication and the support of MicroLoan Foundation, she’s turning challenges into opportunities.

Irene starts by caring for day-old chicks, ensuring they receive care, food and medicine for two months. Her well-ventilated yard, high-quality feed, and attention contribute to their healthy growth. With around 200 chicks, Irene invests in their well-being, at a cost of around 15 kwa (A$0.87) per chick. At two months old, the chicks are fully grown and ready to be sold. Irene sells each fully-grown broiler chicken for around 90-100 kwa (A$5.20-A$5.80).

As a single parent, Irene faced financial struggles after her husband passed away. Seeing friends thrive with MicroLoan’s help, she joined a month ago. Through training, she learned essential business management skills, including marketing, savings for loan payments, and upfront cash payment strategies.

A 3,000 kwa (A$174) loan eased Irene’s financial burdens, helping her cover her water and electricity bills, and essential costs for her chicken house. Irene’s future plans for her business include investing in infra-red lamps for safer chick heating, and diversifying with a fishpond for bream farming. She envisions another loan supporting these ventures and expanding her vegetable and fruit cultivation at home.

Your support transforms lives like Irene’s, empowering entrepreneurs to create sustainable futures for their families. Join us in making a difference today.

Published on: 18/01/2024

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