Enet’s story: the impact of the cyclones

On arriving back from Malawi, we wish the team had a more positive story to tell. In fact, we are worried. Malin Rosenkvist, Director of Fundraising here at MicroLoan, saw first-hand the devastating impact of the tropical cyclones of February and March this year.

Enet paid a high price. Her maize crop was ruined – washed away. Her home is now a pile of rubble.

Please donate $50 today to help families to rebuild.


Enet is a widow with five children, and she runs a grocery store. Last year, Enet took her first loan and began business training with MicroLoan. Her increased profits meant that the children no longer missed school. She has been able to feed her family.

Until now. The cyclone has pushed Enet several steps backwards. When her house collapsed, she and her children moved into her brother’s house. It is overcrowded.


She told us she is saving up for bricks, and will, piece by piece, rebuild. She said that MicroLoan’s savings training has helped her to set realistic savings goals.


In fact, many families in Enet’s community have been impacted. Farmland flooded, crops perished, homes and businesses collapsed. In the months to come, it is likely Enet, her family, and many families nearby, will face a brutal hungry season.


Please donate $50 to provide a woman like Enet with a business loan. With $50, she can build a steady source of income to withstand the difficult months to come.


Please do all you can to help.


Published on: 23/06/2022

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