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An uplifting story of a mother, entrepreneur, successful businesswoman and employer

After chatting to one of our inspiring beneficiaries in sub-Saharan Africa, Evelesi Manzi, we couldn’t resist sharing her story.

Evelesi was born into a family living in poverty in Malawi. She grew up without the most basic necessities such as regular meals and clothes. She left school at age 12, and became a mother at the young age of 15.

Evelesi now has ten children, and is financially responsible for her sister and her mother too,

Before she joined a Microloan group six years ago, Evelesi was already an aspiring entrepreneur selling cassava locally. Sales were extremely slow, so she joined Microloan for additional capital and the business training she needed to grow. Evelesi was able to expand by opening a grocery store, which was well-stocked and highly popular. Over time, she diversified further by purchasing three motorcycles to rent out.

It is testament to Evelesi’s drive and determination that, in just six years, she has tripled her weekly earnings. She now runs three successful businesses with five employees.

Evelesi’s success in business has not just transformed the life of herself and her family, but also her five employees and their families. When one woman thrives, a whole community can be positively impacted.

With steady income, Evelesi can afford nutritious food, and school fees for her children – necessities she never had growing up. She recently purchased three plots of land on which she has built a secure, self-contained home for her family. She hopes to send her children to university so they can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Thanks to your support Evelesi has broken the cycle of intergenerational poverty and rewritten the future of her family.

Published on: 22/06/2022

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