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Give securely now to help some of the poorest women in the world work themselves and their families out of poverty.

Since 2009, we have given over 21,240 business loans totaling over $1,137,817 to 7000 women aged from 18 to 91 years old and impacting on the lives of over 30,000 dependents. The Mulanje branch is performing well (with no bad debts to date) and demand for our loans is increasing.

So we intend to help it expand its loan book even further – with your help, giving the hope of a life outside poverty to many families in the area.

All givings to Microloan Foundation Australia are fully tax deductible

But please make sure we get your email or other contact details so we can send you the tax receipt.

You can give to our clients in a number of ways

You can make givings using a credit card or through EFT bank transfers or PayPal or you can send us a cheque by following the instructions below.

1. You can can use a Credit Card Account or PayPal.

2. If you wish to organise regular subscription donations, please contact Brian Keen at or 0412 334 639.

3. Or you can transfer your Gift directly from your own bank directly into our Givings account as follow..

Account Name: Microloan Foundation Australia Givings
Account Number: 368842
Bank Name: Westpac Bank
BSB: 032 016

Important Please add your name as a reference and email Brian Keen or call him on 0417 211 366 so we can send you a receipt. You can make both one-off payments or set up subscription payments this way

4. And Cheques can be made out to MicroLoan Foundation Givings and posted to:

Microloan Foundation Australia
C/O 50 Wyuna Ave
NSW 2096

Thank you.