Where We Work

MicroLoan Foundation

Internationally, MicroLoan Foundation is made up of four affiliated organisations, MicroLoan Foundation UK, MicroLoan Foundation Australia, MicroLoan Foundation USA and MicroLoan Foundation Scotland. These groups raise the money for the work we do in Africa.

Our work in Africa is managed through our Head Office in Lilongwe, Malawi, which is looked after by Peter Matumbo , the CEO of our African operations. This Head Office manages a number of branch offices, through which business loans and training are give to our clients.

MicroLoan Foundation has been working in Malawi since 2002 when the first office was opened by Peter Ryan, the founder of this international organisation. Since then, MicroLoan Foundation, jointly through its operations in the UK, Scotland, the USA and Australia has opened many branch offices in Malawi.

The whole group involved in MicroLoan Fondation is jointly supporting almost 24,000 women through a network of branches across the country.

MicroLoan Foundation Australia

MicroLoan Foundation Australia has been working in Malawi since May 2009 when we opened our first Australian sponsored branch office in Mulanje, in the south-eastern corner of the country.

Our Office

Don’t imagine we have a roof over our heads. Our office and training establishment, most ably managed by James, is a small Suzuki Motorbike

Support from the International Organisation

We have been most fortunate and indeed privileged to have received the unwavering support of Peter Ryan the founder of MicroLoan Foundation who is based in London. Under his guidance, the MicroLoan Foundation operations arm, based in Malawi, has provided us with every form of management and support required to ensure our donors’ funds are placed securely and effectively where they should go – with our clients in Mulanje.