Investing in female farmers for a food secure future

Investing in female farmers for a food secure future

The United Nations FAO has estimated that if women were given the same access to resources as men, there would be 100-150 million fewer hungry people in the world.

Female smallholder farmers lack access to resources, training and finance to increase their productivity. Instead they rely on a subsistence farming method which perpetuates their poverty. What impact will increasing productivity of female farmers have on addressing food insecurity?

Our virtual panel event took place on 14th October at 12pm ET, 5pm BST. The panel was moderated by Steve Mark, Chair of MicroLoan Foundation USA. Steve was joined by Jack Ngoma, CEO of MicroLoan Foundation Zambia, Sibi Lawson-Marriott, Regional Adviser: Climate Change, Adaption, Resilience and Gender Equality at the United Nations World Food Programme, Hilary Barry, Founder and Secretary General of LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub and Madame Josephine George Francis, President of the Farmers Union Network of Liberia and First Vice President of ROPPA.

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