Become an Ambassador

MicroLoan Foundation Australia is establishing a small network of Ambassadors. We are looking for people who can use their influence and expertise to spread awareness of our organisation.

We are looking for a wide range of skills

An Ambassador must have a sincere belief in our work and be committed to helping our clients in Africa.

We are most grateful for any support, and we are well aware time is severely limited for many suitable candidates. So we are happy for a very limited commitment knowing that invaluable endorsements alone can secure the exposure we need to help grow our support network.

We are looking for support across a wide range of areas


  • Providing a written endorsement of MicroLoan Foundation Australia together with photographs for use on this website and when other marketing opportunities arise;
  • Mentioning their support for MicroLoan Foundation Australia to friends, colleagues, and at suitable gatherings, encouraging others to become involved with MicroLoan Foundation Australia through volunteering or Giving;
  • Securing media exposure and event opportunities;
  • Hosting their own dinners and functions to inspire and educate family and friends;
  • Taking on sponsorship and fundraising activities with MicroLoan Foundation Australia as a beneficiary.

Ambassadors are expected to keep themselves informed and educated about our work and endeavour to attend any special events, inviting their networks to join us and advocating on our behalf.

The Chairman Brian Keen will liaise with them from time to time.

If you are interested

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for MicroLoan Foundation Australia, please contact Brian on 0417 211 366.