Volunteer your time to MicroLoan Foundation Australia

We always need – and appreciate – your help if you are able to volunteer some of your time for us.


Our primary aim in Australia is fund raising so we would appreciate enormously if you can help at some of the fundraisers we organise from time to time. We are always looking for people to help out at events, host events, share our mission with friends and colleagues, and generally promote MicroLoan Foundation Australia at all opportunities. We are also looking for people who volunteer to run their own events to fund raise on our behalf.

What to do

In order to maximise on the benefits of your volunteer ‘gift’ to both the MicroLoan Foundation and yourself, we would be grateful if you could complete the short questionnaire which can be downloaded here. This gives us both information on how you can best give us your time.


If you’d like to help, you can also contact Brian Keen on 0417 211 366 to discuss opportunities.